Our patients come from many different dental backgrounds. Some have been to the dentist regularly and have no issues, while others have not been able to visit a dentist for various reasons. When most patients visit the dentist they are focused on how their mouth looks, feels, and how their teeth work or don’t work. At our office we will not judge you on your past dental history. We want you to leave with a piece of mind and plan to address any possible concerns you may have.

When you arrive for your initial visit we will focus on three main goals to keep you smiling.

  1. Identify and/or control any oral diseases that may be causing you discomfort.
  2. Ensure your teeth and mouth function properly in order to prevent or alleviate any discomfort.
  3. Help keep you educated on oral hygiene, so you can smile with confidence.

Note: Initial visits for new patients may or may not include a teeth cleaning based on your dental needs. Once the dentist completes an exam, we will then be able to determine the type of cleaning and treatment for you.